Milking it….. and losing weight.

Now there is one thing that most of us Brits take in some form or other and that’s milk. Be it in butter, cheese, yoghurt or just plain old milk in your tea, but have you ever stopped and thought about why you use milk?

Yes it cools down our tea or wets our cereal in the morning however did you really consider why you use milk?

If you think about it logically, cows’ milk is for calves. It’s provides them with nutrients to feed the young cow and ensure they grow strong and healthy. And there is the issues right there in the last sentence. The word GROW.

Milk is good for you we are told, mainly by the producers (and what used to be the Milk Board) as it’s full of calcium to help keep our teeth and bones nice and strong. But what about the growth hormone in milk? How does that affect us? And is it really natural for adults to be drinking milk, let alone cows’ milk?

Cows milk is naturally full of growth hormone (not to mention the growth hormones which are given to cows to increase their milk production too!) to make sure the little calf grows up into a nice big cow but surely that’s not your intention is it? Not only is milk full of fat but full of growth hormone too and as for cheese…….well that’s loaded with fat! So dairy products provides a ‘double whammy’ for those of you who are desperately trying to lose weight, it provides lots of ‘bad’ fat and then compounds this affect with growth hormones which cause your cells to get bigger and divide.

Unfortunately there is a darker side too to dairy products and the growth hormone. Growth hormones promote cell division in order for the calves to grow which is how it’s supposed to be, it’s natural, however it’s not natural at all for us!

Research conducted by the Institute of Molecular Bioscience indicates that the growth hormone (GH)in cows encourages the growth of breast and prostate cancer. Another study in the “Harvard News Gazette” reported a strong correlation with milk consumption and incidences of testicular cancer in men. GH causes cells to grow; if it causes cells to grow at an accelerated, unregulated pace, it potentially can result in cancer.

So think again before you reach for a glass of milk or that low fat yoghurt. If you are serious about weight loss one of the best ways to shed your excess weight is cut out dairy from your diet along with red meat. You will need to ensure that you find another sources of calcium, although regular pasteurised milk has very little calcium in it, such as spinach and other green leafy veg, almonds (which are packed with calcium), sesame seeds, fish and supplements.

Give up dairy for one month and I assure you that you will lose weight!