Mirror Mirror….

….on the wall…….. Okay I’m not going to ask you ask yourself who is the fairest of them all but what I am going to ask you to do is to simply look at yourself and smile!

Yes – that’s it! Simply take five minutes every day to look at yourself (and for some this may feel really weird and awkward – especially if you are drawn to that spot on the end of your nose) – in the mirror and deep within the eyes – and smile (I can almost get a sense of cringiness here).

Smiling at ourselves in the mirror is like someone smiling at us. It lifts our mood and makes us feel better – happier even. And if you really want to feel great – tell yourself how great you are too. Why not? If you can’t tell yourself how awesome you are – then how can anyone else and even if the do – what’s the point because you will probably only discount it anyway?!

Each morning – after you’ve done your morning ‘run’ to the loo (we don’t need to add discomfort to the exercise) look at yourself and smile. Smiling naturally lifts our moods – our brain interprets the muscle movement as positive and guess what – you begin to feel happier as a result – and all you have done is smile!

And for those miserable so and so’s out there (can’t be too rude here) – maybe a smile could bring more positivity into your life from others too. Let’s be honest – no one likes a miserable face unless you are pretty miserable yourself – a smile can make the world a brighter place for you and for others. 

So go on – put a smile on your face and feeeeeel the love!


Beat The Blues The Simple Way

Depression is an illness and it a state of mind. Some sufferers prefer to believe that they are ‘depressed’ as opposed to suffering from depression, Those that constantly refer to themselves as ‘depressed’ are far less likely to overcome their illness, largely due to the fact that they have allowed their illness to define them, now be a part of them that can be released and believe you me there is a difference.

If you suffer from depression and would like nothing better than to wallow in the depths of despair, claiming ‘there is nothing I can do it’s just who I am’ then feel free to carry on however if you want to feel better and begin to enjoy life again then you can!

Depression is a state of mind which can be ‘managed’ somewhat with antidepressants however that isn’t really living is it? If depression is a state of mind then does it not make sense that you can change your ‘state of mind’ to improve how you feel? Of course you can!

The first step to any recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Once you do this then the next step can be considerably easier as most of us don’t like to admit we have a ‘problem’ especially a mental health one.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to overcome depression is to make a commitment to yourself to do something each day that you enjoy AND if preferable, that takes you out of the house, even if it is just a walk to the corner shop! Keep your targets small to begin with if confidence is an issue and literally if that means a walk round the block or to the end of the road then great because at least you have made the first step on the road to recovery! And CONGRATULATE YOURSELF FOR THIS!

A walk is a wonderful way to get out of the house and feel better. When you are out enjoy the walk! Notice what you can see, hear all the sounds that you can hear and perhaps even notice what you can smell – perhaps the flowers are in bloom or rain is on the way – but open up your senses and really live in the moment and appreciate every second of the walk.

By focusing on your external environment you are leaving behind those negative thoughts for a while by bringing your attention around to something else and the more you do this, the better you will begin to feel. Living in the moment, appreciating your surrounding, taking time to really taste and savour your food slowly, or simply watching the rain falling can all help you shift up a gear.

Mindfullness or living in the moment, as it is also known is a powerful way to help raise our vibration – by focusing on the beauty around us we are no longer focusing on the pain or negativity inside. If you struggle to get out then start by doing something inside the house (other than watching TV as this is NOT living in the moment!). Spend time focusing on a task or do something you enjoy like painting, singing or dancing – anything that makes you feel better and takes your mind off your thoughts.

If you make a commitment to yourself to so something that you enjoy doing for 10 – 15 minutes each day you will begin to notice a difference after a week and as your confidence grows then increase this time and push yourself too. If you find it hard leaving the house then walk round the garden each day but push yourself a little further each day and remember always to congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished!

Depression exists because we spend most of our time in our ‘heads’ going over and over negative thoughts/events/situations etc. and by taking time to focus on what you enjoy each day you are leaving behind your negative thought patterns and taking time to enjoy life ‘on the outside’.

If you need more help or support then try hypnotherapy, EFT or NLP and remember, there is always a choice and it is your choice whether you chose to stay with your depression or whether you wish to move on.

The Power Of Words Can Heal or Wound – Your Choice.

I can remember as a child my dad reciting that popular phrase that ‘words will never hurt me’ and thinking it strange then. As a child I only ever thought of the pain inflicted physically by the ‘sticks and stones’ and never quite understood (although at some level I obviously did!) that words could hurt.

Read any good self help book out there today and most will touch on the element of choice in our lives. We can chose what we want to eat, we can chose where we want to live and we can even chose our moods too. The same goes for the words that we speak and the words that we utter.

It is said that successful people think carefully about the words that they use by ensuring they create a positive impact on those they are intended for. Hypnotists weave an incredibly intricate web of words to create positive change in their clients and lovers use sensuous words to captivate their lovers.

So when was the last time you actually thought about what you say or think? Perhaps it’s about time you took a serious look inside your mind and recreate a new language of love, positivity, gratitude and humility – you may be surprised at the changes you experience.

We all know that angry, hurtful words such as ‘hate’. ‘fear’, ‘ugly’ and ‘stupid’ can have a very negative impact on an individual – who wants to hear someone call them ugly or tell them they hate them? But did you know these words have an impact on you another level too, other than the emotional?

Words can actually hurt on a physical level too – on a psychological level. Imagine a child being told daily by their parents that they are stupid and useless – they grow up wrongly believing that they are stupid and useless. Now if you believe that you are useless and stupid you are far more likely to worry about your performance in any area of life – so you may well suffer from increased anxiety and stress.

Stress as we know does affect our physical welfare and can be a killer – so you can see how words can impact on our physical welfare too. Furthermore, you may also punish yourself, albeit, on an unconscious level, which can impact both emotionally and physically too.

There is also a well-respected research article on the effects of words on water by Dr. Emoto. He concluded that negative words negatively impact on the structure of water whereas positive words had the opposite effect and bearing in mind that the human body is made up of between 60 – 80% water, then you can start to see how words can impact on how we feel!

So if you want to feel better and make those you love feel a whole lot better too then consider how you use your words. They can either make or break a person and the world would be a better place if we treated each other with the respect we wish to be treated with and the words we would love to hear.