Faster Than Before

I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Time Line Therapist, Anger Management and Weight Management Consultant and Meditation Teacher amongst other things…..phew!

I use most of what I have learnt during my sessions with clients and there are one or two things that I find work well and which I enjoy using  myself too. Visualization is incredibly powerful and can lift your mood as well as transform your future. But what about letting go of the proverbial crap from your past?

I stumbled on Faster EFT recently – the ‘baby’ of Robert Smith (no not that Robert Smith…). I love EFT as I find it calming, soothing and incredibly quick at letting go of hurts and trauma from the past, however this Faster EFT not only works just as effectively as EFT, it is also quicker and easier to use. And what I like the most is, its a tool which my clients can utilise away from therapy too. Win;Win all round!

The process is simple to follow and works quickly on releasing ‘trapped’ emotions from the past and if you don’t think you carry around trapped emotions, think of a memory which was particularly upsetting to you at the time or frightening and notice how you can still feel those old feelings.

Basically you focus on a ‘bad’ memory, and the feelings it brings up in you whilst tapping certain acupressure points on your face and collar bone and that’s it! Simple. Effective and quick. I like it and it works well with my clients too!

I use Faster EFT myself, especially after a bad day or if I have any unexplained aches and pains – its awesome! So if you are struggling to let go of the past or any limiting beliefs, give this amazing tool a go. Visit my website to access a free copy of how to do Faster EFT or have a look on YouTube – there are plenty of videos on there which you can tap along to!

Have a peek at the free Faster EFT script courtesy of Robert Smith – and have a go. You have everything to gain and nothing what so ever to lose!

Will You Find The Weight You Lose?

I remember my dad always telling us when we were kids how English is a precise language. He was referring to what I suppose you could call Freudian Slips – when someone says something that they didn’t mean to say on a conscious level but it is believed to be what they wanted to say on a subconscious level. When someone dies – instantaneously our minds adapt to the past tense when speaking about them and it always amazes me how quickly our mind and language adapt. This has been the downfall of many a murderer on those murder mystery programs – when they unconsciously refer to the missing person in the past tense.

So when we talk about losing weight – what are we actually saying? That we want to lose weight? I am sure you would love to lose weight but do you really want to find it again? No I bet you don’t! So if you are one of the millions of people in the UK who is trying to ‘lose’ weight – surely you are using the wrong terminology? Because your mind is a pretty amazing tool and if it is told to ‘lose’ weight it will do what it is told to do – however it isn’t stupid – it also knows that when you lose things, car keys, money, those new earrings, you want to find them. So no surprise that  when you lose weight you eventually find it again!

So if English is a precise language and your mind understands the English Language  that you use (and the part of the mind that is responsible for your behaviours and habits- the subconscious mind – is literal too – so it will do what you tell it to) – even in your thoughts – then perhaps it’s about time you changed how you talked about your weight loss. The word loss itself has some pretty sad connotations attached to it too as it depicts actual ‘loss’ – loss of a loved one, loss of confidence, loss of love etc.

So if you want to shed that excess weight then use a word that gets your subconscious mind on board with your goal, after all this is the most powerful part of your mind. When we ‘shed’ things – like dead skin (yes it’s not a pleasant example but it works!)  we let go of it once and for all. It is ‘old’ and needs to be released – we don’t expect to get back something we have shed.

When we get rid of something this also suggests we are letting go of something that we no longer want, perhaps something that once served a purpose but no longer does now. ‘I got rid of all my old clothes the other day’, ‘I got rid of him, he was no good for me’.

When you want to lose weight – drop the ‘loss’ or ‘lose’ – and use a far more powerful and meaningful term instead such as ‘getting rid of excess weight’ or ‘shedding weight’.  Get your subconscious mind on board to help you reach your ideal weight – and make sure you set a weekly target for weight loss too – and make it reasonable and do-able. One or two pounds a week is okay (lift up a bag of sugar if you doubt this) and make sure to reward yourself when your reach your goals with something other than food.

So if you want to get rid of your excess weight – then I wish you the best. If you are struggling with your new healthy eating regime then think about purchasing my new Be Slim Hypnosis CD (and yes it does have the word loss on it – however that is a purely marketing choice!!)

Remember your excess weight is something that you want to say goodbye to once and for all so use a term to express this mentality – shed weight or let it go or get rid of it but definitely not lose it!!


Luck or Lifestyle?

I am lucky in that unlike many women I know, I do not have to ‘watch my weight’ as such. Many of my friends appear to be on lifelong diets whilst some have given up completely on reaching their ideal weight. They bemoan how once again their weight loss isn’t enough or how they cant stop eating those crisps in the evenings or biscuits with their tea and I can sympathize with them. Losing weight can be hard! I know – I have been there.

However today (certainly not in my past) I consider myself to be lucky in that I don’t have to count the calories or watch what I eat. My weight remains pretty static no matter what I eat and it’s great! But it hasn’t always been that way. And when I think about how things used to be for me – perhaps it isn’t purely down to ‘luck’ that I am slim, perhaps it is more about ‘lifestyle’ choices.

Weight loss is a full time commitment – if you want to lose weight and remain slim – you have to be committed full time to being slim and healthy. That means that you need to put in place a lifestyle that can support weight loss maintenance long term. Dieting will only ever be a short term commitment and will only ever produce short term results, if any, so in order to lose weight and remain slim, you will have to change your diet and lifestyle permanently.

Whilst that sounds daunting – it makes sense. If you begin to eat healthily and exercise regularly, you will begin to change your outdated habits which lead to you being overweight in the first place, and you will find that you naturally begin to lose weight and keep it off.

Those people who have successfully reached and maintained their ideal weight, have all made successful lifestyle changes – there are very few ‘lucky’ people out there who are just naturally slim. There is usually a lifestyle to back it up behind them! If you want permanent weight loss then forget the ‘magic’ pills and ‘low fat’ ready made dinners and make a commitment today to change your diet and lifestyle to one which supports a healthier and slimmer you.

Research had concluded that those who list health as their number one priority for losing weight are more likely to put in place appropriate long term lifestyle changes, and as a result are more likely to maintain weight loss. So make health your main weight loss objective and hey, if you look amazing too after a couple of months – then all the better! So forget about luck and think about health and a life long commitment to looking and feeling sensational. When you begin to eat healthily – yes you will lose weight – but you will also feel better emotionally too, due to your improved eating habits.

So when people tell me how lucky I am that I remain slim – I know technically that luck has no part in the equation – it is about lifestyle choices. I am slim because I eat healthily most of the time and avoid meat and dairy. My food choices are limited so I am never tempted to snack on a Mars bar or cream cake. I am active – I walk daily and exercise most days too. I try and run around 3 or 4 times each week – even when I don’t want to (like this morning) I still run. I eat chocolate (Green and Blacks!) and drink wine – so yes I indulge every now and again but not all day everyday. My lifestyle choices have ensured that I remain slim and relatively healthy. It has nothing to do with luck!

And the most amazing part is – is that my lifestyle is who I am now. I don’t feel as though I am missing out on anything as I enjoy salads and vegetarian cooking. I still get the munchies every now and again and snack on chocolate and the odd biscuit and no, I don’t feel bad about it as for the majority of the time my diet is healthy. I don’t think about what I ‘do’ – I just do it!

When you change your lifestyle you may find it hard going to begin with but persevere – it only takes around 30 days to change a habit. If you have a bad day – get straight back on the wagon the next day. But by making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle you will ensure you put in place appropriate strategies and lifestyle choices to ensure you not only shed your excess weight but maintain it too. You have a right to be slim and healthy – so make that commitment to be healthy and slim right now.

You are worth it – so do it!

So What Do You See?

It never ceases to amaze me how many people can tell you exactly what they do not want in life yet when you ask them what they want instead, they become quiet and in some cases, somewhat put out that you asked!

What you want in life is important isn’t it? If you want to be happy then it’s important to know what makes you happy so that you can be happy isn’t it? It’s important to focus on reaching your ideal weight if you are overweight yet very few people do.

How many people have you heard bemoan their excess weight or not being able to find nice clothes in their size or indeed clothes to fit them or how they just ‘lurve’ food (which technically they don’t as they barely if at all taste it because they eat too fast)?

When was the last time you heard someone say ‘I chose to be slim and healthy’ or ‘I will reach my goal weight easily and effortlessly’? Very rarely I can imagine.

What you focus on in life you get in life. If you focus on being fat then guess what? You will be fat! However if you stop moaning and start focusing on what you want – to reach your ideal weight and shape and look slim and sensational – then guess what? You are more than likely going to reach your ideal weight! And besides doesn’t it feel so much better to focus on how wonderful you are going to feel and look instead of focusing on something that makes you miserable?

Common sense prevails here. Focus on what you want and you are more likely to get what you want. Also focusing on what you want is a strong motivator especially if you imagine you ourself having the thing that you want! It makes you feel so much more positive and the more positive you feel the more likely you are to attract positive things (those things that you want) into your life

By focusing on what you want you are also employing the powerful Law of Attraction and like any natural law, such as the Law of Gravity, The Law of Attraction is in operation 24/7. So use it and get what you want in life and all you have to do if stay focused on what you want!

So next time you find yourself focusing on what you don’t want instantly change your point of focus to what you do want and be specific and state it in the positive. Do not say ‘I want to lose weight’ as you are STILL focusing on the weight! Simply state something like ‘I will reach my ideal weight of XX by XXDate and I will be slim and healthy’ or ‘I easily maintain my ideal weight’.

So focus on what you want in life and focus on the positive things too and pretty soon you will notice a shift. So remember……..

Focus. Focus. Focus. Persevere. Persevere. Persevere.

Stop! Pattern – Pattern Interupt

Break any habit or negative thought pattern easily with this simple NLP technique! Re-write your thoughts and habits and change how you think, feel and act yourself. Perseverance is key here however the more you do this the more positive your life will become! Good luck.

Change the movie

Grief is a painful experience isn’t it and one which differs from culture to culture?  The east celebrate the life of a loved one where we in the west mourn the death of a lost one. Even the language is completely different!

Grief is a process which we are led to believe goes through several stages from anger to guilt to sadness etc but do we have to be burdened with the pain of grief or can we change the movie we run in our mind?

I lost my brother to cancer years ago and was devastated. Not only was he one of my best friends but I was living out of the country and never had the chance to say goodbye. However on reflection I was never sure whether I was glad or not for this because my last memory of my brother was a ‘good’ one (he was still healthy and alive and smiling), however the movie I ran in my mind over and over again, when I  thought of him after his death, was his hearse coming into view. This was the moment when his death became earth-shatteringly real to me.

Each and every time I thought of my brother this image would come into my mind and attached to this was the intense pain I felt at that moment. So what if I changed the picture I associated with my brother to one where he was very much  alive, would that change how I felt? And if it would, would I really want to feel less pain because surely that would mean I didn’t love him enough?

Unfortunately for those who have lost a loved one the movie we tend to play in our minds is one from the final weeks where they suffered  or their actual death (a ‘bad’ image) and we replay this scene over and over again and of course, attached to that movie are all those painful feelings too, so it’s no wonder we feel awful each and every time we remember this person.

Now I know there are many of you who would feel cheated if they did’nt hang onto the pain of loss however ask yourself if this is what your loved one would have wanted? Probably not and you know what, isn’t it more respectful to remember your loved one when they were alive, healthy and well because that was the ‘real’ them wasn’t it?

So next time you remember your loved one and you find yourself focusing on a ‘bad’ memory just say CANCEL in your mind and instantly bring to mind a cherished memory. Not only will this make you feel better in that moment but over time it will become an automatic process that when you think of your lost loved one the first thing you recall is a ‘good’ memory.

If the grief is still very raw and overwhelming then try out the butterfly hug which is specifically designed for trauma and grief. Not only is it quick but it’s comforting too ( For more information on how to do this check  out yesterdays blog here ). Or give EFT a go – I use this with my clients and even after one session the pain has dramatically reduced and the ‘bad’ image they see has moved further away and becpes less focused too which means that your mind is beginning to process and release the grief (when the’ bad’ image is quite literally in your face as your recall it the pain associated will be worse however if you push the picture away from you on your mental screen the pain lessons).

So if you are ready to leave the pain of grief behind and smile when you remember the person your lost, then change the movie in your mind. When you become aware you’re focusing on a ‘bad’ memory say CANCEL in your mind and immediately bring in an image of the person when they were alive and healthy and preferably smiling too.

It’s okay to let go of the pain because you can always hold onto the love that you had and keep your loved one close at hand at all times in that special place in your heart. So remember your loved one for who they were and celebrate their life and yes you may still have a good cry at times and that’s only human but the raw pain will be a thing of the past.

Milking it….. and losing weight.

Now there is one thing that most of us Brits take in some form or other and that’s milk. Be it in butter, cheese, yoghurt or just plain old milk in your tea, but have you ever stopped and thought about why you use milk?

Yes it cools down our tea or wets our cereal in the morning however did you really consider why you use milk?

If you think about it logically, cows’ milk is for calves. It’s provides them with nutrients to feed the young cow and ensure they grow strong and healthy. And there is the issues right there in the last sentence. The word GROW.

Milk is good for you we are told, mainly by the producers (and what used to be the Milk Board) as it’s full of calcium to help keep our teeth and bones nice and strong. But what about the growth hormone in milk? How does that affect us? And is it really natural for adults to be drinking milk, let alone cows’ milk?

Cows milk is naturally full of growth hormone (not to mention the growth hormones which are given to cows to increase their milk production too!) to make sure the little calf grows up into a nice big cow but surely that’s not your intention is it? Not only is milk full of fat but full of growth hormone too and as for cheese…….well that’s loaded with fat! So dairy products provides a ‘double whammy’ for those of you who are desperately trying to lose weight, it provides lots of ‘bad’ fat and then compounds this affect with growth hormones which cause your cells to get bigger and divide.

Unfortunately there is a darker side too to dairy products and the growth hormone. Growth hormones promote cell division in order for the calves to grow which is how it’s supposed to be, it’s natural, however it’s not natural at all for us!

Research conducted by the Institute of Molecular Bioscience indicates that the growth hormone (GH)in cows encourages the growth of breast and prostate cancer. Another study in the “Harvard News Gazette” reported a strong correlation with milk consumption and incidences of testicular cancer in men. GH causes cells to grow; if it causes cells to grow at an accelerated, unregulated pace, it potentially can result in cancer.

So think again before you reach for a glass of milk or that low fat yoghurt. If you are serious about weight loss one of the best ways to shed your excess weight is cut out dairy from your diet along with red meat. You will need to ensure that you find another sources of calcium, although regular pasteurised milk has very little calcium in it, such as spinach and other green leafy veg, almonds (which are packed with calcium), sesame seeds, fish and supplements.

Give up dairy for one month and I assure you that you will lose weight!

I Need A Little Time….

So you want to change? And you want to be slimmer? You want to be more confident, successful? Brilliant!

But you don’t have the time? You don’t know when you can squeeze that exercise in or find the time to actually sit down and eat properly? You’re too busy to think about that right now.

So pardon me for asking, but do you still want to lose weight? Do you still want to be more confident, successful?

Thankfully most of the people who come to see me with help to shed weight or feel better do have the time to make a difference in their lives! If you want to lose weight, be happier then you need to commit yourself to making time for yourself – it’s as simple as that!

Yes life is a lot faster today than it was years ago but if you seriously cannot find the time to make a difference in your life, then ask yourself why? I’m a single mum and life can be very hectic however I can play the victim card and bemoan how ‘I never get any time for myself with the kids’ or I can make time for myself because I know I deserve it. It’s a choice and a choice that sometimes can take a while to comprehend, but never the less, it is your choice.

Time is precious and they say never swap time for cash and it’s true. We can never buy back lost time, no matter how much we pay for it! Life is precious and life is time. It’s about living in the here and now. Not in the past or in the future but right here right now. The only time you can make a difference is now, not yesterday and not tomorrow but now.

Taking time for yourself is one of the easiest ways to feel better, however taking time for yourself does not mean sitting on your bum in front of the TV swigging down a bottle of wine! Taking time for yourself means taking time to appreciate yourself, to do something for yourself, something that you enjoy or perhaps something that can help you unwind such as a relaxing bath or long walk. By spending quality time with yourself you are nurturing yourself and telling yourself that you are worth it. Now that’s got to feel better than ‘sorry too busy’ hasn’t it?

Spend time with the ones you love too, as this can improve your sense of well being. Kids grow quickly don’t they? So take time to enjoy them now, because when they reach their teenage years they spend less and less time with you. I get up early some mornings so that me and the kids can walk a longer way to school because it means I get to spend some quality time with them and I find this one of the best ways to start my days – it certainly beats shouting and rushing to get out of the house on time for school.

How you spend your time is YOUR choice. Yes we need to work and yes we need to feed the kids but come one – you could make time if you really wanted to! Being a martyr isn’t really going to help you feel any better is it and it certainly won’t help your mental and physical welfare either.

Most successful people today attribute their success to ‘taking time out’ – whether that be to meditate, exercise, walk or to pamper themselves – the crucial point is that they value themselves enough to take quality time for themselves.

So next time you hear yourself saying you haven’t got the time to do something that you know will improve your life or make you feel better, then ask yourself why you don’t feel you deserve the time? We all deserve to have fun, to be happy, to succeed and all of these things take time.

So if you want to lose weight then you need to take the time to eat properly and take some form of exercise. If you want to beat the blues then get out of the house and do something fun today! You can make yourself feel a whole lot better if you really wanted to – it takes time – yes, but time that can help you change your life.

So take time now to thing about how you can change your life in some way, how you can help yourself and remember that you are worthy of time and as life is all about time, you are worthy of the best life ever!

Responsibility Versus Blame…….Let The Race Begin

Responsibility and blame line up at the start of the race – both look on top form and both have their own band of supporters. They are on the starting blocks………..and then they are off. Blame gets off to a good start, with responsibility close behind. It’s a close battle at the beginning of the race and blame,fueled by anger and self pity, steams forward inching away from responsibility, however responsibility has maintained an even pace and manages to overtake and surpass blame, sprinting towards the finish and with a clear vision of success in mind, crosses the line and takes first place. A race well run with the only true contender winning.

As a therapist I deal with many people who suffer from a myriad of issues ranging from lack of self esteem to bad habits to excessive eating and before I can help any of them, they need to accept responsibility for there issue and for any subsequent changes. This does not mean that they are to ‘blame’  for their issues it simply means they need to acknowledge that in order to change they have to accept that they can not keep on going the way they are going.

For example, I often hear from clients who are overweight that it is because of ‘hormonal issues’ or ‘it’s in their genes’ or that they ‘love food’ or ‘they kids love this food’ but they do not acknowledge that it is anything that they are doing that is causing them to be overweight (research also shows that that very few people have what is often referred to as the ‘fat’ gene). So how can I help someone who blames their genes or the fact that they love food and don’t wish to change their eating habits? I can’t!

However if an overweight client comes in and admits that they have several issues with food that they wish to address then I can certainly help them and they can help themselves too because they have admitted responsibility for their weight. They have chosen to overeat or to eat unhealthily, and it may well have been something they were ‘taught’ as a child, but as an adult they can choose to change or continue to blame someone else for their being overweight. It is a choice. We can take responsibility for who we are and who we wish to become and we can acknowledge that what we do is not working therefore we need to change something to make it work.

Taking responsibility for our lives is incredibly empowering and instead of blaming God, the kids, your parents etc for what is wrong in your life, isn’t it about time you took responsibility for how you behave? Of course you may well suffer from anxiety or low self esteem if you lived with domineering or critical parents, but is you continue to blame your parents for your low self esteem you stay in victim mode and you maintain your low self esteem. So does blame really improve your life in anyway or does it give you the easy option of staying where you are and avoiding change?

Yes your parents could have contributed to your low self esteem however as an adult you have to accept responsibility for yourself for who you are now. That may mean that you can acknowledge that events or people in your past contributed towards your lack of confidence or anxiety etc however as an adult you now have the choice whether to continue blaming the past or move forward qand improve your future.

Responsibility features very much is all adult relationships too and I quite often see clients who wish to increase confidence or feel  better about themselves after years in an abusive or controlling relationship.  In any adult relationship be it love, work or friendship you have to accept 50% of the responsibility for that relationship.

Yes it may be that your partner is physically and emotionally abusive and he/she may be the ‘bad’ one in the relationship, but by staying in the abusive or controlling relationship and allowing your partner to continue the abuse you are just as responsible as they are for the state of your relationship. Both parties are equally responsible however for the victim it is very important that they realize that they have a choice. They can either allow the abuse to continue and blame the perpetrator for their awful life or they can  refuse to allow the abuse to continue and either leave or get help and thus accept responsibility for their life and their well being.

Whilst you can change who you are you can not change other people unless they accept your help and in order to do this they need to accept responsibility for where they are in their lives too.

Anger is another great excuse for people to play the blame game and I have come across many angry people in my life! (I too have given in to anger but at least I can see who is to blame!). Anger masks another emotion, usually fear, and  is used as a defense mechanism to protect against emotional hurt and in some cases too, to avoid the individual acknowledging that they are unhappy in their lives. How many times do you hear people blame others for losing control? ‘It’s your fault that I am angry!’ they shout but is it the other persons fault that you lost control? Absolutely not!

We control how we feel and if we chose to let someone upset us then we are to ‘blame’. We can either ignore hurtful words or respond to them angrily, either way it is our choice how we react. We can stay in control or we can let the other person take control by responding negatively.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, anger, negativity, worry – then take responsibility for how you are feeling today and tomorrow you can change your life by changing how you feel. Your thoughts make you who you are and only you (with some help if you require it) can change your thoughts. Stop blaming your mum or partner or siblings or work colleagues and take the initiative to take back responsibility and change your life. You will feel so much better! It may take time but believe you me, it is well worth it!


Relax……….and take a deep breath…

Hypnosis, relaxation, mediation, daydreaming all allow us to go into a deeper level of our mind where we benefit, not only from being ‘relaxed’ and ‘switched off’ from the outside world, but also from a state of mind that is open to positive suggestion!

When we meditate or relax or enter ‘trance’ we go into the alpha brain state – which is the most beneficial state to be in for learning, for retrieving lost information (how many times have you tried to remember a name only to remember it just before you drift off at night whilst relaxed?) and also to make changes to habits and behaviors. Even if we just relaxed – we would still benefit over time as our mind became calmer and more focused.

So how can you enter this  alpha state of mind and make use of it? Simple, by taking time to relax! 5 or 10 minutes a day is sufficient to make great changes and any changes made at the alpha level automatically become a permanent part of your life as they are accepted into your unconscious mind – that part of your mind where your habits and behaviors lie.

So how do we get to alpha? Well with a little patience and a little time you will easily be able to reach this rejuvenating level of mind and here’s how.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and make this place your ‘relaxation’ place. Your mind builds up associations quickly so it will associate this place with relaxation so will automatically expect to relax so you will find that you relax so much more quickly too! When you are comfortable, close your eyes and take 3 diaphragmatic breaths, i.e. breath in slowly through your nose, hold the breath and then release slowly through the mouth, and then begin to count down from 10 to 0 and tell yourself that with each descending number you will become more and more relaxed.

Whilst you count down slowly from 10 to 0, imagine every part of your body from the very top of your head to the very tips of your toes, relaxing. Start with the top of your head on 10 and imagine the relaxation flowing down into your eyelids, perhaps you can feel them becoming very heavy, and with each descending number imagine this relaxation flowing down through your body until you reach your toes and the number zero. Pay attention to every part of your body as you relax – notice how your shoulders feel as you begin to relax them, how every part of your body feels as you let go of any tensions and relax. And when you are at zero tell yourself that you are fully relaxed from the very top of your head to the very tips of your toes.

You may notice that you do feel relaxed after your first attempt which is brilliant, however remember the more you do this exercise the more your mind will associate relaxation with this process, so the more quickly relaxed you will become. If you suffer from anxiety it may take you a while longer to relax and that’s ok, so if you find this the case then count down from 20 or even 50 (you can always shorted the count down as you become more relaxed) . Any form of relaxation is excellent for relieving anxiety, however by using self hypnosis whilst relaxed you can further improve your results.

Like anything – if you want this process to work then you need to do this exercise every day and possibly twice a day. The best times are morning and just before you go to sleep at night, as you are usually more relaxed then. It will take you a good few weeks to get to a relaxed state of mind but remember the more you do the more relaxed you will become and the quicker you will achieve results!

When you are fully relaxed, you can then give yourself positive suggestions for change. Remember these must be stated in the positive i.e. I will be slim and healthy or I will remain calm and in control in any and every situation. Do not state these suggestions negatively as your unconscious mind will not hear the ‘not’ but will respond the the rest of the suggestion! So if you say ‘I will not be anxious anymore’ all your unconscious minds hears is ‘ I will be anxious’!  Try not to think about a pink elephant – in order to ‘not’ think about it you have to imagine it first to not think about it!

Using visualization is also very effective – so instead of telling yourself what you want – you visualize yourself with what you want. So of you want to be slim then see yourself slim and healthy. If you want to feel more confident talking in public, then see yourself talking  confidently. The more positive emotion you can attach to your visualizations the more readily accepted they will be, as your unconscious mind responds well to pleasure. When you visualize, really get into the picture – see yourself clearly with the outcome you want and feel how fabulous you will feel – see how differently people are responding to you – make the image as compelling as you could possibly make it and notice how much more motivated you feel!

Visualization is perhaps more powerful than suggestions but both are effective at bringing about change if done over a period of time. So keep practicing  and you will reap your rewards.

Take care and speak soon!