Postive Thinking, Hypnosis And The Power Of Your Mind

Thoughts determine how you feel and feelings determine how we act and behave.

Now it is estimated that we have around 65,000 thougths a day so realistically it would be impossible to monitor every single thought we have however we can make a major impact on them!

Positive thinking is very much in the media and one of those ‘buzz’ phrases however whilst most of us profess to thinking positively not many of us do! But we can change how we think and therefore how we feel and in the case of the depressive, thinking is very much the cause of their condition, so it is important to realise that our thoughts DO affect how we feel and if we change our thoughts we CAN change how we feel.

If you suffer from depression or feelling down most days then you need to start monitoring your thoughts. Depression is an illness which CAN be overcome by changing how you think. If you think about it logically, if you continually focus on how negative events in the past, on how useless you are or how bad you are, how much better everyone elses life is – then guess what? You will feel depressed – who wouldnt?

If you focus on the good things in your life and happy times in the past you will feel better. Dont believe me? Then close your eyes and think of a time in the past when something went well for you – a time when you felt really good. Really get into the memory – who was there, what you heard, what you saw and how you felt at that time and what you will begin to notice is that you actually start to feel better! Tell yourself how great you are too and you will feel evern better. And why because your train of thought was positive. Now how good did that feel?

So how can you begin to change your thinking? Well there is  a simple method to help you although it may take a while to get into the habit of actually doing it and that is where hypnosis comes into it!

1. Monitor your thoughts on a day to day basis.

2. When you notice negative or limiting thoughts – question them. Are you really ‘stupid’ because you dropped your toast on the floor or was it merely an accident?

3. Cancel that negative thought by simply saying ‘CANCEL’ in your mind.

4. Then think of an alternative positive thought to replace the original negative one. So instead of ‘stupid’ you could tell yoursel ‘it as just an accident and I will be more mindful of what I am doing in future. Notice how much better you feel when you state your positive thought.

5 Continue to monitor your thoughs and change them the moment you become aware that you are thinking negatively.

Now the above process will take some time for you to get into however if you use self hyposis you will find that not only do you benefit from the relaxing nature of the hypnosis itself but you can also give yourself positive suggestions to help you overcome negative thinking. “My thinking is becoming more and more positive each and every day”, “Each and every day I am becoming better and better in each and every way”. State your suggestions in the POSITIVE and not the negative i.e. “I am not thinking negative thoughts anymore” is a negative suggestion as you are still focusing on the negaive ‘negative thoughts’ and not the positive outcome ‘positive thinking’!

For self hypnosis – take 3 deep breaths in and slowly count down from 10 to 0 relaxing each part of your body from your head to your toes as you count down. The more you practice this the quicker you will become relaxed and enter hypnosis. When you reach 0 you begin to give youself positive suggestions – I am good enough, I think positively at all times etc… Repeat each suggestion 3 times and when you have finished count yourself out of hypnosis by counting from 1 to 5 and when you reach 5 open your eyes and you will be fully awake and feeling better than you did before!

Practice self hypnosis for atleast 2 weeks and you may be pleasantly surprised at how much more positive you are feeling! And when ever you catch that negative thought – then carry out the process above and soon you may notice how different you feel!








Successful And Permanent Weight Loss

Now I am not going to tell you that diets don’t work – you already know that! How many diets have you tried over the years? How many times have you successfully failed at losing the weight for any length of time? You may well have lost some weight initially on a diet but probably put all the weight that you lost back on once the diet stopped or your will power caved in. Which ever came first.

Diets fail because they are more about starvation and less about eating when you are hungry. They are more about not eating the food you want and more about denying yourself. I want you to NOT think about chocolate or cake – I bet you just did! You see in order to not think about something (forbidded food!) you have to first think about it – so no suprises it is on your mind!

Hypnotherapy has proven to be successful for long term weight loss in many research articles. Hypnotherapy will help you overcome your cravings (eating some of what you fancy as opposed to lots of what you crave); incorporate more healthy food options; help you notice when you are physically hungry (as opposed to emotionally hungry) and the comfortably full feeling you get when you have eaten enought for your body; change poor eating habits (for example chosing unhealthy snacks or eating close to bedtime).

However whilst all of the above are crucial to successful weight loss – as with diets – just ensuring that you alter eating habits with hypnotherapy is not sufficient to long term weight loss. If you are after long term or permanent results then you need to resovle the underlying  motivation behind your overeating.

Motivational factors include eating when bored, lonely, sad or frustrated or some people eat as a reward or a punishment. You may find that you eat to make yourself unattractive to the other sex (usually an unconscious decision and one that you are rarely aware of on a conscious level). Whatever the compelling force behind your overeating – until you uncover and resovle it – it will always be there.

Once cause of your overeating has been resolved, you no longer feel compelled to overeat. Further hypnotherapy is still required to change existing bad habits and once these have been reprogrammed to healthy eating patterns you begin to lose weight. You find that you begin to really enjoy eating food – you dont even think about food until you are hungry.

Your whole relationship to food changes when you resolve the underlying motivation to overeating and replace existing bad habits – you then go on to lose weight and keep it off.

Many of my cleints opt for the Hypnotic Gastric Band (which is hightly successful as it does tackle the motivation behind overeating as well unlike most other methods of gastric band hypnosis) as they have read such amazing success stories. However like the real Gatric Band – they Hypnotic Gastric Band will ultimately fail IF your motivation is not resolved.

As I uncover and resolve the cause of your overeating I gain permanent results. If you wish to find out more information on successful weight loss hypnotherapy including the powerfully new hypnotic gastric band (Virtual Gastric Band) then give me a  call today!

Remember – you only have one live so chose the life you wish to live!