Live A Little

Mornings with kids and a dog can be pretty hectic especially when you work. So this morning was no different than most school mornings. I had to chase my middle child out of the door to get the school bus, then take the dog out for a quick run, dash home in time to get the youngest up…..and so goes another school morning.

I know like many parents, I go into ‘automatic’  mode on these school mornings. Get kids up, ensure they get dressed, shout at them to hurry up, get breakfast, shout again to ask what they are up to as it’s been fifteen minutes and they are still not dressed or downstairs. All the while I’m getting myself ready, along with breakfast and lunches, if I didn’t have time to do them the night before.

Mornings become a mundane ritual of shouting, chasing the kids and general chaos.  I look forward to the half an hour out with the dog to be honest! However, do my mornings always have to be so ‘moody’ and intense? Why do I always have to rush around and shout? Is it not possible to approach the start of the day in a more proactive and fun way? Surely there must be a better start to the day than chaos and noise?

My youngest came in to my room this morning to ask if I’d signed a letter which of course had to be in today – so I was less than chuffed as we had only a few minutes to get out. He sat on the bed and gave me a hug. Then he said ‘after three lets just fall back.’ My initial reaction was to say no, don’t be silly, we need to get out to school and he immediately picked up on this even though I changed my mind at the last minute and we both feel back laughing.

He knew what my response would have been. No fun mum before school! Instead I thought what the hell, he’s my son and why not have a few minutes of fun time instead? So we had a tickle fight and both of us ended up laughing so hard we had tummy aches. Now that was certainly a better way to start the day than the ‘norm’.

We both went off on the school run in better spirits and will undoubtedly have a better start to our day as a result. By showing him that mornings could be fun, his whole mood lifted. Lead by example. It’s hard for a ten year old to be full of beans in the morning if all you are doing is nagging them!

So next time you feel your life becoming stagnant or too prone to dullness – take a few minutes to inject a bit of fun into your life – it makes a huge difference to how you feel and how you approach life too. And besides, others benefit from your upbeat mood too.

Instead of shouting at the kids to get ready, make getting ready into a game. First one downstairs dressed and ready for school gets to chose the DVD that evening. Or set a timer and record their times for getting ready and ask them if they think they could beat their best time yet. Kids love a challenge and a competition! Tell them that if they beat you getting dressed they get a treat ….use your imagination! Your kids will be more willing to have fun and get ready believe you me, than listen to you nagging each and every morning. And if they feel happier and more motivated to get ready, imagine how much better the mornings will be for you too. Who knows you might even start the day with a smile!

So many people have forgotten how to have fun – and more depressingly cant even have fun with the kids – and no, dragging your kids shopping is NOT fun. Get them out  on a bike through the puddles. Get them climbing trees. Lighten up and you may begin to notice that the whole world lightens up with you!

Change the mundane. Have fun. Smile and be happy. It IS a choice. So choose well and live a little..


An Abundance of Gratitude

When it comes to the Law of Attraction and abundance (wealth, happiness, love etc) gratitude plays a pivotal role. We know that we have to focus on what we want (wealth), and believe that we will receive it and be grateful now for it, however if we are less that grateful for what we have already received – then why would the Universe be willing to provide you with further abundance, or anyone else for that matter?

We should all know that a simple thank you is polite to express gratitude whenever we receive anything from anyone else, whether it’s a compliment, a gift or a drink – thank you shows our gratitude and tells the Universe that you are open to receiving more. It’s also polite too!

However, how much gratitude is necessary? Granted some people may want more than a thank you whilst others may not mind if you never say thank you – so how grateful do you need to be?

Well I’m guessing your idea of gratitude is linked to what you were taught as a child – if you were shown that gratitude is important then you will probably say thank you and mean it. If you were given things without being taught about how to show gratitude – you probably have grown up ungrateful and rude (never too late to change!) however it doesn’t mean that you can not change that.

I work with many people to clear all sorts of limiting beliefs from ‘I’m not good enough’ to ‘the world’s a scary place’ as well as limiting beliefs surrounding wealth and abundance. If you believe money is ‘bad’ or ‘there are more worthy people out there’ then you are probably limiting your potential wealth.

I worked on my limiting beliefs regarding money and was surprised at how guilt was linked to abundance for me. And why? My family ensured, as I do, that we kids were grateful for any treats that we received (and they weren’t in abundance either) which is how it should be, however when I looked back at certain incidents, it became clear that I was made to feel guilty if I didn’t appear grateful enough. Sometimes a simple thank you did not suffice!

That left me feeling anxious about receiving things because I was worried about any repercussions later – what if I got my new jumper dirty/ate all those chocolates now – would that mean I wasn’t grateful enough? It then became clear how I had grown up feeling uncomfortable about receiving gifts as well as believing that everyone else in the world was more worthy than I (especially the starving kids in Africa).

So once you become aware of your ‘money’ issues you can go on to release these limiting beliefs using EFT. EFT is a fabulous way of removing the ’emotion’ attached to your beliefs – a belief is merely a thought with STRONG emotion attached – remove the emotion and remove the belief.

However ALWAYS make sure you tap in a new empowering ‘wealth’ belief such as ‘I am worthy of the best things in life’, ‘I love receiving abundance’ etc. Removing a negative belief leaves a space so fill it with something positive – a new empowering belief!

So remember it’s always great to receive things and to be grateful for them – but no one has the right to make you feel guilty about receiving – they can try – but it’s your choice! If thank you isn’t enough then there may well be other issues or motives involved – be wary!

Receive and be grateful and allow abundance in to your life.

For more info on EFT – check out my webpage

Feel Good Or Bad – Your Choice

I am in the process of getting a program together to help people realize their true potential – to enable people to see how awesome they truly are – and it’s been an exciting project so far.

I have become more and more aware, due to the nature of my job and life itself, that we chose the life we want – that’s right – we chose the life we want! Every second of the day we make life choices which not only affect how we feel from moment to moment, but also our future too,

All to many people focus on the bad things in life and fail to see the abundance of beauty that surrounds them every single second of every single day – and why? Because they have chosen to be ‘miserable’ – it has become a habit for them. They feel ‘safe’ being miserable and it becomes comfortable – just like an old comfy sweater – worn out and holey! They resent happy people and go out of their way to hurt others – because in some way – it makes them feel better temporarily.

And when you ask said people how they are – they will no doubt moan and groan about this and that and when you ask them if they are happy in their life – amazingly they will say yes!! And why? Because we all strive to be happy – but how we go about that may not be working!

We chose our moods – no one else choses them for us – how can they? Seriously? No-one can get inside your head except you and I mean no-one. You chose whether you get upset about the mindless comment made by a colleague – you chose to get upset. It has absolutely nothing to do with what anyone says – it is about whether you wish to ‘accept’ what your colleague has said and get upset or whether you chose to ignore it or deal with it.

Surely you know that what people say (about you) is about them and where they are at – and has absolutely nothing to do with you? Yes, your boss can give you some feedback – and you can take it as just that – feedback – a way to improve your performance. Or you could take it as a personal sleight and spend days and weeks brooding. Again – your choice.

When we begin to realize that everything about our life is a choice – it makes it all the more easier to change it! Think about it – if you react to everyone in your life, to what people say or do – you are handing others control over your life.

However if  you acknowledge what is happening in your life and chose whether or not to react (and again it’s a choice whether your react positively or negatively here too!) you maintain control over your life and believe me – it feels incredible!

If you chose anger – then expect anger in return. If you chose hate then expect hate in return. If you chose victim then expect to be abused. But if you chose love you get love in return. If you chose tolerance you will receive tolerance and if you chose fun – how much better will your life be?

So stop blaming others for the way you feel and for once in your life – make a commitment to change your life for the better by acknowledging your personal power. You have so much personal power which lies dormant – wake it up, shake it out and chose a better life!!

After all it literally is your choice.

In Touch With Life

Walking to school with my youngest today was an inspiration. It only takes ten to fifteen minutes but in that time I get a peek into my son’s head and I love it! And he enjoys the fact that I enjoy him so we start the day on a high and I wouldn’t have it any other way. His mind is full of intrigue and curiousity and it fascinates me how he has such an expansive view on everything even death!

I dropped him off and made my way back home feeling blessed to have spent such quality time with my son and as a result I noticed how much more aware I was of the wonders and beauty all around us (granted it was a lovely spring morning which helped!). I noticed the magpie nestling in the tree; the cat warming itself in the early morning sun; the melting frost dripping lazily from the cars on the drives.

How many of us go through our days without seeing anything apart from what is inside our heads? How many of us take the time to spend a few precious moments with loved ones? How many of us experience real joy? 

Joy is all around you if you only remove your focus from your mind (worrying about the future, brooding over the past) and take a look at the outside world every now and again. Begin to see all that you can see, hear what you can hear and you can begin to feel so much better by simply appreciating what God has created.

Joy is not winning the lottery, meeting a new man, waiting until I can afford that new house, Joy is experiencing life in the moment and being in touch with reality. Joy is sharing a tender moment with a loved one. Joy is watching the miracle of a sun rise or listening the bird song in the early morning.

Joy is quite simply all around us and all it takes to feel a little joy each day is to be mindful of living in the here and now and being aware of life around you because it’s hard to feel anxious or full of worry if you really experience life right at this moment.  

So next time you feel a little blue or need a little joy in your life then begin to focus on the beauty of nature all around you; the love in your life and take simple pleasures from simply experiencing every moment as it happens. So get out and take a walk and notice all those wonderful things that perhaps you have never noticed before!

I Need A Little Time….

So you want to change? And you want to be slimmer? You want to be more confident, successful? Brilliant!

But you don’t have the time? You don’t know when you can squeeze that exercise in or find the time to actually sit down and eat properly? You’re too busy to think about that right now.

So pardon me for asking, but do you still want to lose weight? Do you still want to be more confident, successful?

Thankfully most of the people who come to see me with help to shed weight or feel better do have the time to make a difference in their lives! If you want to lose weight, be happier then you need to commit yourself to making time for yourself – it’s as simple as that!

Yes life is a lot faster today than it was years ago but if you seriously cannot find the time to make a difference in your life, then ask yourself why? I’m a single mum and life can be very hectic however I can play the victim card and bemoan how ‘I never get any time for myself with the kids’ or I can make time for myself because I know I deserve it. It’s a choice and a choice that sometimes can take a while to comprehend, but never the less, it is your choice.

Time is precious and they say never swap time for cash and it’s true. We can never buy back lost time, no matter how much we pay for it! Life is precious and life is time. It’s about living in the here and now. Not in the past or in the future but right here right now. The only time you can make a difference is now, not yesterday and not tomorrow but now.

Taking time for yourself is one of the easiest ways to feel better, however taking time for yourself does not mean sitting on your bum in front of the TV swigging down a bottle of wine! Taking time for yourself means taking time to appreciate yourself, to do something for yourself, something that you enjoy or perhaps something that can help you unwind such as a relaxing bath or long walk. By spending quality time with yourself you are nurturing yourself and telling yourself that you are worth it. Now that’s got to feel better than ‘sorry too busy’ hasn’t it?

Spend time with the ones you love too, as this can improve your sense of well being. Kids grow quickly don’t they? So take time to enjoy them now, because when they reach their teenage years they spend less and less time with you. I get up early some mornings so that me and the kids can walk a longer way to school because it means I get to spend some quality time with them and I find this one of the best ways to start my days – it certainly beats shouting and rushing to get out of the house on time for school.

How you spend your time is YOUR choice. Yes we need to work and yes we need to feed the kids but come one – you could make time if you really wanted to! Being a martyr isn’t really going to help you feel any better is it and it certainly won’t help your mental and physical welfare either.

Most successful people today attribute their success to ‘taking time out’ – whether that be to meditate, exercise, walk or to pamper themselves – the crucial point is that they value themselves enough to take quality time for themselves.

So next time you hear yourself saying you haven’t got the time to do something that you know will improve your life or make you feel better, then ask yourself why you don’t feel you deserve the time? We all deserve to have fun, to be happy, to succeed and all of these things take time.

So if you want to lose weight then you need to take the time to eat properly and take some form of exercise. If you want to beat the blues then get out of the house and do something fun today! You can make yourself feel a whole lot better if you really wanted to – it takes time – yes, but time that can help you change your life.

So take time now to thing about how you can change your life in some way, how you can help yourself and remember that you are worthy of time and as life is all about time, you are worthy of the best life ever!