Overcoming Anxiety Versus Anxiety Management

I am a registered Analytical Hypnotherapist and it is my job to help clients overcome almost any problems that they are experiencing from anxiety to bad habits to insomnia. However the major difference between Analytical Hypnotherapy and almost any other therapy including clinical hypnotherapy and counselling, is the ability to uncover the ’cause’ of the problem (effect).

Analytical Hypnotherapy is based on the ’cause and effect’ theory which states that for every effect (illness) there is a cause, which means there is a reason why symptoms or problems exist in our lives.

To explain this issue further I will talk about anxiety which is a common issue that I treat. Sufferers will vary in symptoms and severity – from mild (nervousness before public speaking ) to full blown panic (the thought of flying or being in a crowded place). Anxiety if left untreated can unfortunately get worse and can begin to affect most areas for the sufferers life and yes, relaxation, visualization, CBT and other therapies can help ease the symptoms but they do NOT resolve the anxiety or get rid of the symptoms.

No amount of talking or analyzing your symptoms or how you think you may have developed your anxiety will help you in any way, in fact it  can make the symptoms worse. Think about it – if you suffer from anxiety and you spend hours wondering about how you got it, how you can get rid of it, why you have it and whether you will have an attack when you next go out, you are bound to feel more anxious and a lot more fed up!

When I see clients who suffer from anxiety I will inform them that I am working to RESOLVE their anxiety i.e. get rid of the symptoms permanently. I will also explain that during the treatment (I have been through this myself and can vouch for this!) you may get days where you feel a lot better or a lot worse and that’s normal, as we are dealing with issues from the past. I will also explain that this is not about making them feel better in the short term (although I do give all my clients methods to control symptoms and lessen the effects of panic until their issues have been resolved) but about feeling better permanently!

So how does analyticial hypnotherapy banish anxiety permanently? Well anxiety is based on cause and effect which means that something in the sufferers life, has caused them to feel fearful and distressed and as a way to avoid similar situations, the individual will feel anxious next time they are in a similar situation i.e. anxiety is acting as a warning!  Now they may not experience the anxiety for many years after the first event however stress or another distressing event in their lives can then bring on the symptoms of anxiety.

For example, a person may develop anxiety after a ‘traumatic’ experience as a child and I use the word traumatic rather loosely and I will explain why. A child has less resources available to cope with some situations in life and under the age of 7 our ability to reason or question or use logic is very limited, so an incident which is funny to us an adult (because we can make sense of it and use reasoning) may be traumatic to a child.

For example, if an adult got locked in a car, the first thing they would do would try the locks and if that didn’t work they would shout for help or if they had their mobile, phone for help and they would probably laugh about the experience later – but they knew they could get out.  Now imagine a very young child getting locked in a car, they would not have the same skills as an adult and perhaps wouldn’t even realise there are locks on the doors. So they panic. They keep trying the doors and they won’t open and they try again and again and each time they get more and more upset because they don’t use logic – they don’t know someone will probably come along in a while see where they are or what the commotion is – so they panic.

Eventually mum comes out and rescues the child and calms the child down and all is well. Next time they get in the car they may feel a little anxious but because their parents are with them they feel safe. And they continue to feel safe through their childhood and teens and then one day they decide to take driving lessons and they pass and start to drive. One day they get in the car and as they begin to drive, they feel panicky, without really knowing why and then another day they have a full blown panic attack in the car – it comes totally out of the blue. They have no idea why they experienced the attack – but we can guess as to why they did.

Your subconscious mind remembers everything about your life and is there to protect you so it will remember that time all the way back when you were 2 or 3 and got locked in that car and how upset you were and because it doesn’t want you to experience that upset again – you develop anxiety. So that child felt anxious for a while in the car after but because her parents were always with her in the car, she felt safer and the anxiety ‘went away’. Until she was an adult and in the car on her own and because the adult has no recollection of her early experience they believe they have anxiety about driving – NOT being locked in a car. And then one day they get in a lift and it ‘feels’ the same as being locked in a car, so they have another panic attacks, so they avoid lifts in the future.

So anxiety acts as a warning – it creates a fear of being in similar situation as to the one which caused the upset – hence feeling anxious about being in the car on your own. Now analytical hypnotherapy works by taking the client back to the initial event that caused the anxiety i.e. being locked in the car and then works with the client to ‘resolve’ the fear around the situation. The subconscious mind will not let go of the anxiety until it knows that you can handle yourself in a similar situation in the future (and of course you can as you are an adult now- but you have to resolve the original source of fear to do that!)  So when I take a client back to the original event I will ask them how they would do things differently now, with the knowledge they have as an adult, as opposed to what they did then.

Once you have learned from the experience and your subconscious mind can see that you are able to protect yourself from any similar incidents in the future, it will let go of the anxiety,  because you don’t need to be ‘warned’ anymore as you now know what to do. Results are more or less immediate after resolution of their anxiety and clients find it incredible that their anxiety literally disappears, as did I when I went through my therapy for anxiety.

Analytical Hypnotherapy is very powerful as it releases symptoms permanently – it may take several weeks but the results last a lifetime! So if you want long term or permanent release from your symptoms the most cost and time effective way is analytical hypnotherapy! You could pay for 3 or 4 sessions of clinical hypnotherapy where you will feel a little better for a while, but your anxiety will soon return and sometime with avengeance!  So if you want total release from anxiety then you know what you need to do!

Take care and speak soon

I Need A Little Time…….

Society today, especially in the UK, is all about speed and keeping up with the proverbial ‘Jones’. We are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful and slim women, sleek cars and holidays in paradise and for most of us, we fall into the trap of wanting what we are led to believe is ‘normal’.

But what is normal? And what is normal for me almost certainly is not normal for you – so why do we feel pressured into being like everyone else? Why are we too scared to stand out from the crowd and be ‘different’?

Self esteem or lack of it means we are forever doubting ourselves, doubting whether we are pretty enough, thin enough, clever enough or drive the right car and it can be never ending and incredibly exhausting! If we really felt good enough would we feel it necessary to follow the masses, reassuring ourselves that we really do prefer this wine/book/car/film/department store or would we simply do what honestly suits us?

Knowing what you want in life is a good place to start in building self esteem. Ask yourself – What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing? What makes you smile? When you know what you actually want in life as opposed to what everyone else believes is right for you, then you can work your way towards reaching your goals.

A simple method to help boost self esteem is to visualize yourself as you want to be – how you are going to be in the future. However when you do this exercise, you must focus on the ‘new you’ as if it’s you now. See everything about that new you – how you look, how you stand even how you dress and notice how you sound and how you feel. Really get into how great it feels to feel good about yourself   and see yourself doing the things that you would love to do.

When you visualize yourself – really get into the feelings associated with the ‘new you’ and this will really help you to become more confident and feel better about yourself. When you see yourself talking to others, perhaps you can see yourself sticking up for yourself and mentally go through the words that you would use as this helps to reprogram your mind and get your subconscious mind on board with this project. I am sure you have heard the saying ‘what the mind can conceive the mind will achieve’ so if you visualize this ‘new you’ often during the day your subconscious mind is picking up these messages on how you really want to behave and it will help you bring into action what you desire!

Also you will begin to feel better after visualizing yourself and feel more confident and better about who you are too but one very important thing to realize is, no-one has the power to make you feel bad apart from yourself. I can already hear people denying this, but think about it for a moment. If someone is rude to you – it is only their opinion of you and more often than not – not a fact. So you have the power whether you wish to accept what that person says or reject it. Which one would make you feel better?

So next time someone is rude to you you can either ignore it or get upset about it, the choice is yours but by ignoring it you are taking control and remember that what a person says, says more about that person than it will ever do about you i.e. if they are rude to you it is them that has the problem – it is them that is rude!

So if you want to feel better about yourself and boost your self esteem remember you have a right to feel good about yourself – you can decide what you wish to believe about yourself and no-one else can make you feel bad unless you let them. Also continually practice visualization and see that ‘new you’ – confident, self assured and feeling great – not only will you feel great afterwards but you will also be reprogramming your mind for success in the future!

Good luck and speak soon!