How Much Is Your Weight Loss Costing You?

Having read an article recently about a family who had undergone gastric band surgery to the tune of £40,000 on the NHS, I felt inspired to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keys, to write!
Whilst the family of 4 (mother, father and 2 daughters) have had success after the surgery, shedding a combined weight of 44 stones, the real question most people will be asking is – is it really OK to spend over £40,000 of tax payers money on something that has a less than satisfactory success rate (especially in the long term) and has been known to fail? Add to that the risks to the patient of undergoing surgery – is it not a better and safer solution to turn to one of the many successful and PERMANENT weight loss solutions available today at a fraction of the price? Especially bearing in mind the financial state of the NHS today?
As a hypnotherapist who specializes in weight loss (and who also struggled for years with her own weight) and offers various weight loss programs including the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – I could not believe that the NHS have not explored all the options available before committing to life threatening surgery for weight loss.
Furthermore if you, unlike this family, are picking up the tag for gastric band surgery, it’s not a low cost option!
Now hold on I hear you say – you have just mentioned that the actual gastric band does fail and has a poor success rate when it comes to long term weight loss but you still offer the safer, non invasive and much cheaper option -the “Virtual” Gastric Band!
That is correct I do offer the Mind Band (Gastric Band Hypnosis) – which is a permanent weight loss solution. The Mind Band involves fitting a “virtual” gastric band to reduce food intake just like the actual gastric band, however it goes one crucial step further. By resolving the underlying motivation behind overeating my clients gain permanent weight loss results.
Why the Mind Band has proved so successful (and why it differs from those who just offer to fit a virtual gastric band) is that it tackles the underlying reason why the individual is overweight. This is one of the main reasons why diets fail (that and starvation!) and why weight loss for many remains a short term thing.
As humans, we were designed to eat only when hungry and stop eating the moment we become physically full. If we did this there would be no issue with obesity in the UK today.
Unfortunately most of us no longer use food solely for nutritional purposes – that’s right – we now use food to change how we feel. We are ’emotional’ eaters. Have you ever found yourself eating when bored, lonely, frustrated or sad and not when truly hungry? Yes? Then you are more than likely going to put on weight.
If you eat when emotionally hungry your body will never feel satisfied. Why? Because no amount of food is going to change the way you feel. Food will not relieve your boredom or make you feel happy, loved or worthy; however, you have created a believable illusion that food does make you feel better when realistically it leaves you feeling worse and eventually looking worse too!
Overeating is a symptom of some emotional issue and if you resolve the cause of the symptom (your overeating) then not only will you lose weight but you will keep it off too. So the main focus of any weight loss intervention should be locating the motivation behind your emotional overeating – something gastric band surgery does not do unfortunately, along with many other weight loss options available today.
With the help of analytical hypnotherapy you can locate and resolve the cause of your symptom (overeating) thus providing permanent weight loss results. Suggestion hypnotherapy can then be used to reprogram your mind and incorporate healthier, more positive eating habits and lifestyle changes into your everyday life, further ensuring long lasting results.
And the price of this successful, permanent and safe method of weight loss is a fraction of the price of undergoing risky gastric band surgery. So next time you’re thinking about going under the knife – seriously consider the safer options available to you. Hypnotherapy works – so let it work for you.
(When enquiring about Weight Loss Hypnosis or Gastric Band Hypnosis ask the hypnotherapist whether they resolve the underlying cause of your overeating – it could be difference between short term and long term weight loss success.)

Gastric Band Hypnosis – The Smart Way To Lose Weight

Eat, be Happy and be Slim!
Now I am not going to tell you that diets don’t work – you already know that! How many diets have you tried over the years? How many times have you successfully failed at losing the weight for any length of time? You may well have lost some weight initially on a diet but probably put all the weight that you lost back on once the diet stopped or your will power caved in.
Diets fail because they are more about starvation and less about eating when you are hungry. They are more about not eating the food you want and more about denying yourself. I want you to NOT think about chocolate or cake – I bet you just did! You see in order to not think about something (forbidden food!) you have to first think about it – so no surprises that that chocolate it is on your mind!
Hypnotherapy has proven to be successful for long term weight loss in many research articles. Hypnotherapy will help you overcome your cravings (eating some of what you fancy as opposed to lots of what you crave); incorporate more healthy food options; help you notice when you are physically hungry (as opposed to emotionally hungry) and the comfortably full feeling you get when you have eaten enough for your body and to replace poor eating habits.
However whilst all of the above are crucial to successful weight loss – as with diets – just ensuring that you alter eating habits with hypnotherapy may not be sufficient to gain long term weight loss. You may need to resolve the underlying motivation behind your overeating first before you have long lasting weight loss success.
Motivational factors include eating when bored, lonely, sad or frustrated or some people eat as a reward or a punishment (usually at a subconscious level). No amount of food will make you feel better – it will make you feel worse though! Whatever the compelling force behind your overeating – until you uncover and resolve it – it will always be there.
Once the cause of your overeating has been resolved, you no longer feel compelled to overeat. Further hypnotherapy may still be required to ensure you break those unhealthy eating habits that you have created however you will notice that eating healthily becomes so much easier to do!
With the success of Gastric Band Hypnosis being in the media – many people now are turning to this alternative. Not only do they save thousands of pounds but they avoid all the risks associated with surgery yet you experience all the associated feelings experienced by those that have had the actual gastric band fitted, including the steady weight loss!
After the virtual surgery you will notice that you are unable to eat as much food as you did before – and as a result will begin to shed that excess weight whilst feeling comfortable full sooner.
To ensure long term results with the Gastric Band Hypnosis – ask to see if the motivation behind your overeating is resolved too. If you uncover and resolve the cause of your overeating you gain permanent results.
If you wish to find out more information on successful weight loss hypnotherapy including the powerfully new hypnotic gastric band (Virtual Gastric Band) then check out my website today. Remember – you only have one live so chose the life you wish to live